We Made Me™ was born out of a simple passion: to create thoughtful products, rooted in ancient traditions, with the modern family in mind.

As a fledgling British brand, we entered the babywearing market a decade ago as BabaSlings Ltd, and audaciously built our entire reputation on the back of one single, revolutionary product: theBabaSling® baby sling.

The extraordinary growth (and multiple awards) that followed, soon established us as a serious market leader, with theBabaSling® now stocked in most major retailers across the UK, and sold in over 35 countries worldwide.

What sets us apart is the genuine spirit of integrity and playfulness we apply to everything we do. From the pioneering ideas we develop, and the materials and suppliers we carefully source, to the elegant yet functional products we lovingly deliver to our customers. Every aspect of our business is considered with the same rigour, passion, innovation and honesty.

Our groundbreaking designs may now be internationally recognised, but our mantra will always be: keep your head in the clouds, your feet on the ground and your heart close to baby.